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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today's review

Queen Takes King: A Novel (Hardcover)
by Gigi Levangie Grazer

Predictable and mindless..., September 17, 2009

Nothing new here. The title pretty much explains the entire plot of the book. I was hoping for a new twist to the old "War of the Roses" story, but there's not a character or a subplot that is refreshing or originial. You've already read this book under another title.

The Power couple, Jacks and Cynthia are stereotypes and caricatures of the rich and famous who think that money and looks can buy anything and that youth lasts forever. Their answer when the divorce battle begins -- get what they want through fair or foul means -- efforts at one-upmanship that actually seem petty, rather than clever, in this case. The relationships between all of the characters seems shallow and undeveloped. It's the age old story of the beaten down wife who makes good after she finally escapes her egotistical and needy husband. The fact that the couple is extremely rich, talented and connected only increases the scale of the war - not the purity of it. There's no moral here as all of them play fast and loose with the truth and their feelings. They act up and act out in ways more suited to teenagers than middle-aged adults. The ending comes abruptly and is as unrealistic as the rest of the novel.

I tried to find some humor in the book at least, or at least a bit of sentimentality, but alas, both were lacking in a rather mundane and trite book that leaves the reader wondering why the story needed to be told...again. This book is one that might be enjoyed in a mindless sort of way, but only if you don't ask yourself too many questions about it!

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