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Friday, October 2, 2009

Today's review

5.0 out of 5 stars Absorbing and compassionate family story..., October 2, 2009

I loved this book on many levels. The complex and finely drawn characters were easy to love even though each was flawed and affected by trials, tribulations, unfulfilled hopes, and unattainable dreams. This is a family story, and all members of the McKotch family have a story to tell -- their own version of the ties that bind and, ultimately, how that binding can't ever be completely undone no matter what happens.

The parents, Frank and Paulette, and their children: Billy, Gwen and Scott, have not ever come to understand themselves or each other. They are trapped in self destructive patterns that prevent them from seeing themselves clearly. Their choices and behavior reveal how those delusions prevent them from forming long lasting relationships. The family, whose ties were already fraying, comes completely undone after Gwen is diagnosed with Turner's Syndrome during the summer of 1976. The resulting fallout from that discovery, and the affect that her 'condition' has on the family members, is painful for each. The lack of communication, the manipulations, and the betrayals force the family to a final confrontation that brings a satisfying conclusion to this poignant novel.

This is definitely one that would be perfect for book clubs as it begs discussion and will provide many hours of thoughtful consideration long after the last page is turned. Enjoy!

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