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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pacific Heights by Paul Harper

4 of 5 stars

What a great summer thrill ride -- and a fantastic debut for a new series featuring retired SID detective Marten Kane. Two wives of well-known San Francisco entrepreneurs are seeing a psychotherapist -- they don't know each other, but one man, Ryan Kroll, knows both of them -- very well. In fact, he knows their most intimate secrets, fantasies, hidden horrors and insecurities. AND he intends to use that knowledge against them in the most personal way possible. He seeks them out, contrives to meet them, and begins a love affair with both Elise and Lore and uses the knowledge he has stolen from the therapist's office files to control and manipulate them. What is his goal? Enter Marten Kane -- the ultimate "fix it" man -- he has both the discretion and the intelligence to figure out what Ryan Kroll is doing and to try to stop him before he carries out his plans with the two women.
High recommend this book to all fans of the suspense thriller genre! I am eagerly looking forward to Paul Harper's (a pseudonym for David Lindsey) next installment in the Marten Kane series.

I read this ARC for the Library Thing Early Reviewers program.

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