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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Crashers by Dana Haynes

4.0 out of 5 stars The job of a Crasher is not to save lives, but to "find out why an aircraft crashed.",
I enjoyed this suspense thriller about a passenger plane crash in Portland, Oregon, and the investigation into the cause of it. When the NTSB's "Go-Team" comprised of a pathologist, voice recorder specialist, bomb and engineering experts assembles at the site of the downed plane and finds only a few survivors, they begin their painstaking and meticulous assessments and are quickly forced by obvious clues found in parts and data to accept an unpalatable conclusion: pilot error. As the team continues picking up the pieces and reassembling them at a nearby hangar, another subplot unfolds further south in California. Could there possibly be a terrorist connection to this doomed flight, and if so, since there seems to have been no bomb, how was the plane brought down? For it soon becomes apparent to the Crashers that this plane was indeed brought down deliberately.

The narrative moves at a very fast pace and comes to a quite satisfying conclusion. This is an action novel and the characters are interesting and though a bit stereotypical, I thought they were well described and believable. I admit I know NOTHING about airliners, aviation, or aeronautics, but I can see where professionals who work in this field might have some issues if the details about the plane's operation and such are incorrect. I, however, had no such distractions and just enjoyed the ride.

Recommended for all but the most white-knuckle flyers! I can't wait to read this author's new book, a sequel: Breaking Point due out in November 2011 when the Crashers find themselves with another situation to investigate.

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