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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 2012

I was tired of writing book reviews -- it got to where it was like having homework and I procrastinated. I decided that I would not keep writing a review for every book I read in many different places and would just do a quick review on Goodreads.

I'd love to have more friends on Goodreads and have the ability to see what everyone I follow is reading as well. I like that people who read my reviews can't mark NOT HELPFUL but they can leave comments for me to answer or "like" my opinions about a particular book. I've had some great discussions with others on this site as well.

A remarkable event for me this year is the fact that I finally took the plunge and got an e-reader. Long an opponent, merely on principle I'm sure, I went ahead and told my daughter that I would indeed like to try this and thus I received a Kindle Fire for Christmas!

So, my first book on the Fire was Night Road by Kristin Hannah -- a great experience reading on this new format and I'm hooked already. On to the next book: Room (which I'll review on Goodreads).
I like it a lot -- and I hope to diminish my collection of hardcover bestsellers as I trade them off on Paperback swap or give my ARCs away after I read them.

Traveling is going to be great -- tons of books available and no extra weight and space consumption in the luggage.

More to come as I get comfortable using the Fire and figure out all the bells and whistles. Mostly right now, I'm just reading. Ok, I'm playing a few games too :)

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