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Thursday, September 26, 2013

3.0 out of 5 stars How far would you go to save someone you love?

"Everyone's got a con, a pinch of deceit, a green light at the end of the dock. And a dream, however grand or modest. A way they want it to be and an angle to get there."

Daniel Brasher is the son of a San Fransisco old money family but currently works as a group counselor for paroled violent offenders. He's ready to leave for a safer job, private practice, and is taking care of some unfinished business. When Daniel finds a series of envelopes in his office mailbox, he's horrified when the letters inside indicate that a murder will take place unless the intended victim admits "what you've done." Daniel reports this to the police when he discovers that one of the people named has already been brutally murdered because the deadline given in the note has passed.

Daniel is pulled into the investigation when it seems that one of his group members might be involved. What follows is a fast-paced race against the clock to prevent the next murder and to save himself and his wife, Cristina, when it appears that the murderer might really be after THEM as the finale!

I'm always surprised and irritated when the police are written as being unable to figure out things without the help of an untrained civilian, and that happens in this book. Daniel is the one who basically puts all the pieces together and solves the crime, but not after many harrowing escapes and interactions with the killer. He's heroic and fearless and apparently unstoppable no matter how many beatings he takes. Anyway, most thriller fans will probably like this; there are some grisly descriptions, however, so be warned. An enjoyable read.

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