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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Apocalypse (#3) by Dean Crawford

3.0 out of 5 stars - "Time will tell..."

If you're in the mood for action and adventure featuring a team that is almost superhuman in their abilities and skills then this is the book for you! Although this is the third in a series featuring ex Marine and former journalist Ethan Warner and his partner, Nicola Lopez, the novel stands alone as a science fiction suspense thriller that deals with topics ranging from black holes to foretelling the future.

The Defense Intelligence Agency whisks bail-bondsmen Ethan and Nicola from Chicago to a house in Coral Gables, Florida, to the Bahamas, to the Dominican Republic, to super secret high clearance facilities, to a hidden research center on the ocean floor. Who or what are they pursuing? A maniacal billionaire who thinks he has found the way to control time - world famous philanthropist Joaquin Abell who has a diabolical scheme to bend his ability to see into the future into something that may not exactly be in the best interests of mankind.

While they survive incredible predicaments and perils, you'll have to use all of your ability to suspend disbelief as Ethan and Nicola try to save the world! Many action sequences, brain twisting scientific explanations (I can't speak at all about the physics involved here with any degree of authority), and amazing skills will keep the reader turning the pages as quickly as possible to get to the end of this adventure.

Thank you to NetGalley and Touchstone for the e-book ARC to review.
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