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Monday, July 7, 2014

A Matter of Time by Beverly Swerling

Intricate and involved, this mystery novel centers on the topic of racial memory and involves several other themes and storylines as well. Far-reaching in breadth and scope, multiple narrators race against time to recover an ancient document that may hold new truths about the state of affairs and beliefs in the period immediately following the death of Jesus Christ. The Alexandria Testament may challenge long accepted views about Christians and Jews.

Twenty-four-year-old Sarah, raised Catholic, lives in present day,1983, but she has suffered her entire life because of auditory and visual stimuli. One recurring issue is that she hears a series of music notes over and over -- do, sol, la, fa (CGAF) - but the tune is not played on any conventional instrument. She also experiences fear and great distress from these strange periods when the "visions" come. This worsens after a car accident and results in her consultation with a parapsychologist to investigate the nature of these experiences.

In flashbacks to historical periods and locations ranging from Alexandria circa mid 60s AD to concentration camps during WW II, to Rome and the Princes of the Holy Catholic Church, to Israel, to France, and parts of the United States, Sarah comes to realize that she is key to the life's work of several very concerned parties. One faction wants to obtain the secret and the other wants to suppress it.

This is a very complex and meticulously plotted novel that has many characters to keep straight and detail that once again demonstrates that Beverly Swerling does incredible research on her subject matter. Even as the reader is swept to the revelations within, the suspense and a sense of anxiety keeps one turning the pages to find out how it's all going to come together. This is an enjoyable read with mystery, romance, and intrigue at every juncture.

Read -  July 2, 2014

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