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Monday, March 14, 2016

No One Knows by J.T. Ellison

And again, another comparison to books whose titles and content I am starting to hate. STOP! I am beginning to think that I am on a mission to read all the books thus compared so that I can tell readers how unlike those books they are. When something is new and first it is good, but readers aren't so gullible and fooled after that and actually expect the twist and are ready for it.
I'll let you know about this one.
No. No. No. Don't bother.
I am not even going to review this one. I could barely get through it. I am done reading books that are compared to GONE GIRL and GIRL ON THE TRAIN. I am done reading books with unreliable narrators and those that have twists that really don't make any sense other than to be a "gotcha" -- know what I mean? When you know there is one and are looking for one, you're prepared and it is a gimmick. I want to believe my characters and like them -- and even if I can't, I still expect plausibility in context.

I am thankful to NetGalley for offering me the e-book ARC when I requested it.

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