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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Good Samaritan by John Marrs

This the most deliciously entertaining, and horrifying, revenge thriller that I've read in ages! Almost impossible to put down, be sure to set aside a good chunk of time so that you can read it all in one setting -- if you dare!

If you are feeling terribly depressed and thinking that suicide might be the answer to your situation, DON'T CALL LAURA! Laura vounteers at a hotline call-in named End of the Line -- and her goal isn't to help you cope, to help you overcome the circumstances you're in, or even get you to think of other alternatives. Her most fervent desire is for you to kill yourself. And, Laura is good at her job.

To say that Laura is one of the most messed-up characters I've come across in this genre is saying something. She's more than a sociopath and she will always win. When she encourages Ryan's wife, Charlotte, to jump off a cliff with another caller, David, she feels the elation and triumph of her skill. She can't wait for the next candidate. Unfortunately for Laura, Charlotte's husband isn't willing to let go and move on. He finds Laura and has a few tricks up his sleeve as well. What the two of them, Laura and Ryan, set in motion is an amazing battle of wits and one-upsmanship that takes the reader on a twisty tale that had me spellbound from the beginning.

I loved the writing, the story, and couldn't have hated Laura more. But, she's a winner and such a psychopath that you hold your breath waiting to see where she will take it next. The escalation and the actions of the characters will have you tense and hoping that this game won't have a bad ending. NO SPOILERS, but the conclusion was quite fitting. What a narrative of twists and turns! You know Laura is messed up, but no idea of the extent of her madness.

I loved this and highly recommend it. I'll definitely be looking for other titles by this author (I also read THE ONE).

Remember -- "While seeking revenge, dig two graves -- one for yourself." (Douglas Horton).

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