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Sunday, May 26, 2013

He's Gone by Deb Caletti

4.0 out of 5 stars "People usually bring their same self wherever they go."

Couldn't put it down!

Dani and Ian had an affair that destroyed both of their marriages. Moving on together is challenging, but they believe they have found in each other a soulmate and that life can finally move on away from the misery in their old situations. They can be happy now that they have what they want. Dani's ex-husband used physical violence to control her and she feels rescued by intelligent, articulate and tender Ian. Ian's former wife lives in the expensive house with his two daughters and alternatively lures and punishes him with their former suburban life -- she got the spoils and the friends. Nevertheless, Dani and Ian finally can appear in public and they eventually marry and move to a houseboat on a beautiful lake where they can acknowledge that they have gone through hell to be together and build what they swore they wanted.

One morning, after a late night party where Dani drank too much, she awakens alone in bed. Her feet are muddy and she doesn't remember too many details of the evening. It isn't until later in the day that she realizes that Ian is gone. He's not picking up coffee or working or running an errand. His phone goes straight to voice mail. The police arrive and ask her questions she can't answer. Where has Ian gone? His car is still parked near the dock. His clothes, computer, razor - nothing is missing. In the course of searching for a husband that may be missing by choice, Dani comes to some shocking realizations and some very painful truths about herself and those she loves.

This is a suspenseful story with a mystery but more a very engrossing psychological study of family, marriage, and relationships. The characters were believable and fragile in their honesty. The self analysis Dani works through is a window into the soul of anyone who has tried to understand the nature of love in all its forms. How can we stop repeating the patterns of thought and behavior that take us down the same wrong path again and again.

I loved this book and recommend it to readers who like novels dealing with love, secrets and the search for answers to very difficult questions.

ARC compliments of Amazon Vine.

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