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Monday, May 20, 2013

Inferno by Dan Brown

4.0 out 5 stars - "The power of the human spirit to endure any challenge, no matter how daunting."

Despite my reservations, because of all the hype for it, I enjoyed this 4th novel in the Robert Langdon series. It was a fast paced adventure with symbolist Langdon on the hunt for a 'plague' of some sort that was purportedly hidden in an mysterious underground lagoon by a brilliant genetic engineer and scientist. Bertrand Zobrist represented the epitome of the Transhumanist movement and put his belief into action to attempt to use technology and intellect to create better humans and end the possibility of human extinction because of overpopulation. Though some have panned the book because of the writing style and Brown's tendency for repetition and verbosity on obscure fact points, the novel was to me, pure and fun entertainment. Not only did I get a fantastic lesson in art history and a great 'tour' through Florence, Italy and many other wonderful wonders of the world, I learned a great deal about Dante's Inferno.

Suspend any disbelief and just go along with the ride. I think most readers will enjoy the book and be prompted to do a little investigating and research on their own! I can't wait to see the illustrated hardcover version of this novel.

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