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Friday, May 6, 2016

A Dream of Ice by Gillian Anderson

From Gillian Anderson, star of the X-Files, and New York Times bestselling coauthor Jeff Rovin comes the second book in the thrilling paranormal series Earthend Saga that began with "A Vision of Fire."

3.0 out of 5 stars -- Second in series is a little harder to read and, warning, it ends on a cliffhanger note that requires any interested fans to have book 3 nearby.

First, you must have read book one before you start this because it is assumed that the reader knows the main characters and has knowledge of how Caitlin O'Hara has a peculiar ability or two -- which includes communicating with an ancient people. Secondly, you must suspend disbelief and buy into the scenarios presented as if they were possible in some sort of reality.

This definitely will remind you of the "X Files" television series as Caitlin links again to the ancient civilization of Galderkhaan and seeks to uncover the mysteries and stop a dastardly plot. There is a lot going on and the narrative shifts and scenes between Caitlin, Flora - -with the Group, and Mikel out in the ice. I found myself the most interested in the sections that involved the discoveries and interactions that Mikel experiences and rather annoyed with Caitlin as a character. I do plan to read the third book, but probably not immediately.

Part thriller, part science fiction, and part mystical philosphy/religion, this is definitely something different and certainly imaginative world building.

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