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Monday, May 9, 2016

The Price by Alexandra Sokoloff

3.0 out of 5 stars -- What would YOU give for a miracle?

DA Will Sullivan is on the brink of becoming governor of Massachusetts when his 5-year-old daughter, Sydney, develops inoperable pancreatic blastoma. Terminally ill and with no likelihood of a cure, Sydney is fading fast. Will and his wife, Joanna, spend every second at the hospital begging for a miracle. Endless days and sleepless nights take a toll on the couple and Will starts seeing some very creepy goings on while roaming the medical complex. Dazed and confused, he is at the end of his rope, worried sick about wife and daughter, when he meets a man he believes is a staff member who calls himself Salk. He seems to understand what they are all going through. They talk. Salk holds out hope...

Paranormal thrillers are usually not my typical choice of reading material, but I flew through this in a couple of hours, glued to the page to find out how the setup resolved. It was very entertaining, if totally unbelievable, and I enjoyed it.

I got this from the library because I read a trilogy by this author that I had liked a lot.

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