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Monday, November 20, 2017

Thicker than Water by Kerry Wilkinson

A married couple hires a teenage boy to babysit while they go out for date night. When they return, the sitter is missing -- but their little daughter is still asleep in her crib. The parents of the boy don't know where he could be. Then, his body is found across town in an apartment. There is a connection between the families, but it takes Jessica and her team awhile to figure it all out. Add a thread tying in the owner of a strip club and you have a parcel of an interesting investigation.

Set in Manchester, this 6th in the Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel is every bit as compelling as the previous books. I do love the series and all of the characters. The writing is fabulous and the plot moves forward at a pace designed to keep the reader's attention until the satisfying conclusion (except for that bit of an unfair cliffhanger, Mr. Wilkinson!). I like the relationships between Jessica and her team as well as the setting and the police procedural details. I'll keep reading this series as long as he writes it -- so on immediately to #7.

By the way, this book has another title now -- THE MISSING DEAD.

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