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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

How to Walk Away by Katherine Center

On the night that Margaret hopes to become engaged to Chip, she's on the brink of starting the wonderful life she's worked so hard to set up for herself. She's just landed the job of her dreams and everything is falling into place. Until the moment she's pulled from the wreckage...

I won this from Bookish First and promised to read and review. I think I should have examined the synopsis a bit closer, but all I remember seeing was "accident" and "plane crash." Most of you who follow my reviews know that I like all things medical, and I hoped that the story of Margaret's survival and recovery would be more about science -- but it was a romance novel through and through. Sure there was plenty of doom, gloom, despair and misery -- but it was so overshadowed by the improbable love story that I just couldn't get from the book what I'd hoped for.

I had a hard time with many aspects of this novel (I've worked with people who've had this type of injury) and though I know the author did a lot of research on the topic of the injury Margaret sustained, I had to suspend a lot of disbelief about the way things progressed with her treatment and therapy. Margaret's family seemed to be props just to propel the situations that develop in order to get to that happy ending that you know is coming. I didn't, for one minute, feel that everything wasn't going to turn out OK. The whole story never clicked for me, but then again, I am not a romance reader and I just didn't know that was the main point of the book.

So, if you are looking for a feel good, sort of overly sentimental type love-in-spite-of-the-dismal-odds tale to provide some entertainment by the pool or beach, this is the one for you.

Thank you St. Martin's Press for the ARC.

Standalone, not part of any series.

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