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Friday, September 26, 2014

Five Days left by Julie Lawson Timmer

2.0 out of 5 stars -- Maudlin and melodramatic...

This contrived drama focuses on two different people who have a huge decision to carry out in 5 days. Mara, diagnosed with Huntington's Disease, has decided to commit suicide to end her life before she becomes more dependent on her family. Scott is counting down until his foster son, Curtis, has to be returned to his mother upon her release from prison.

The ensuing account of their last five days is mawkishly sentimental and predictable. Both Mara and Scott are so self-centered and ostensibly noble in their agony that I wanted to throw the book at the wall just reading their sagas. I asked myself as I turned every page -- why am I continuing to read this manipulative tripe? The answer is simple: I am committed to finishing the books I start and those I accept for review purposes. Each chapter reinforced my negative reaction and I had to dial back the urge to vomit as I read each character's self-serving angst. This is not the type of book I'd recommend to anyone looking for intelligent literary escape, but one for those who like soap opera style narratives designed to tug at heartstrings or celebrate a pity party for those whose motives fall completely on the side of self-interest. I detested both characters though I'm sure I was meant to cry buckets of tears for their sufferings. I admit I was drawn to choose it when I saw the words, Huntington's Disease -- and the medical information about that condition was the only part of the book I did enjoy. Unfortunately for me, the interesting facts about the disease did not outweigh the basic story line.

No, I'd not suggest you read this unless you're a die hard Jodi Picoult fan or if you love reading Lifetime Movie-like books so that you can have a good cry over fake NON HEROIC people who get what they want no matter the cost. I'm not happy to post this negative review and I'm sure I've already seen that others have LOVED this novel, but I make no apologies that I'm not one of them.

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