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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Underwater by Julia McDermott

3.0 out of 5 stars -- Candace Morgan, wealthy CEO of SlimZ, a company that makes shapewear, is living the dream -- she has a fabulous fiance and is about to reveal her latest development, SwimZ, in the fall shows. Unfortunately, there is a nightmare in her life and it's her brother, Monty. He's trying to extort her over a house she loaned him money to buy and renovate and is making her life miserable with his demands. Not only is Monty spoiled and lazy, he is a lying sociopath who will stop at nothing to get what he wants from his sister. Although Candace has been generous in the past, she's ready to cut him off. Monty gets more desperate to keep his secrets and obtain more money to support himself in the style he feels he deserves. Candace must stop Monty before he destroys her company, her reputation and his own wife and daughter.

This was an engaging read that kept my interest though I didn't really connect with any of the one-dimensional characters. The descriptions and details often read like an episode of the lives of the rich and famous. The dialog often didn't ring true, such as when fiance Rob uses the word "miscreant" several times to describe Monty. Candace is supposedly motivated to help her brother because of guilt, but that is never fully developed and she just ends up seeming a bit weak, instead of giving and generous, for all her business acumen. And definitely, I would never want to work for Candace, certainly too much of a micro-manager and extremely demanding! Regardless, the narrative zings along to a happily ever after conclusion despite some real tragedy that is fairly quickly glossed over. Fans of domestic drama and contemporary women's fiction would probably like this for a beach read, while traveling, or during commute.

Thank you to NetGalley and Amazon Publishing for the e-book ARC to review.

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