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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Disclaimer by Renee Knight

4.0 out of 5 stars -- "Such a pity she hadn't realized that doing nothing would be such a deadly omission."

Catherine and Robert have just moved into a new home -- downsizing now that their son has been gently moved to his own flat -- when she finds a new book on her bedside table. Stunned when she recognizes herself as the main character in a hideous drama that she thought she had buried, left behind in Spain over 20 years ago. Who could have written this and why is someone bringing it up now?
When she googles the author she finds that the book is self-published by Rhamnousia -- the "goddess of revenge, aka Nemesis."

This is a great twisty story that alternates point of view between Catherine and the person who gave the "book" to her -- and I'll say nothing more about the plot so that any reader can follow the tale to its very satisfactory conclusion. I would not call this psychological suspense, or even a thriller, but more a study of perspective regarding an event that Catherine chose to keep hidden. The characters are very three-dimensional and I shifted my allegiance through the slow reveal, not sure of the truth, but seeking to understand the motives and reasoning of each. I enthusiastically recommend it and thank Carol (on Goodreads) for her review that tempted me to seek out this novel. 

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