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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Whistle-Blower's Confession by Jennifer Lang

Zero stars - This is a nasty, poorly written, ridiculous fictional piece of anti-GMO propaganda and I would not recommend that anyone read it. I'd suggest scientific journals and research study materials instead if someone wants a real picture of what a GMO is and isn't.

Kelley's aunt dies of cancer. She determines that GMOs have caused it and begins an investigation that brings a huge fictitious company to its knees, results in a new law that restricts the sale of GMO food, and bans hormones and antibiotics from livestock. Indeed, even the FDA and USDA are taken down in Kelley's crusade.

I have no issue with those who want to buy and eat only organic food, take probiotics, etc., but companies like Monsanto are not the devil (in my opinion). I should have known better than to open this novella (72 pages), but fortunately I will forget it soon. 

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