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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

City of Strangers by Louise Millar

When Grace and Mac Scott return from honeymooning in Thailand to find an unidentified dead man in their new apartment's kitchen, she feels compelled to find out who he was and to contact his family. Still reeling from her father's death, Grace -- a photographer -- decides that she will investigate this man after she finds a note next to an unopened wedding present. The note has a name and she embarks (half-cocked) on an international hunt to the consternation of her new husband. Fortunately, Grace has a friend who works for a newspaper and he is quite helpful in guiding her search. Hopscotching across Europe seeking out information, Grace finds that the man has many identities and comes from a family with a very bad reputation. Who was he and what was he doing in her kitchen?

I found this a bit slow to be honest. I also did not like the character of Grace and the premise of her fixation on finding out the identity of the man (who was likely a criminal who broke into her apartment) seemed a bit far fetched. I found her annoying and obsessive about the whole situation. It had a predictable ending that any reader of this genre could see coming, including the romantic interest. I doubt I'd read another book featuring Grace Scott but I have read most of this author's past work and will again as long as it is not this character. I duly note that others have really loved this novel and Grace.

Thank you to NetGalley and Atria Books for an e-book ARC to review

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