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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Blood Wedding by Pierre Lemaitre

Well -- WOW! Starting out slowly, building with a relentlessness that keeps the reader glued to the pages, and finishing with a bang makes this a suspense thriller that I won't soon forget.

Sophie Duguet goes from zero to full on crazy over a matter of months. When she awakens to find that the boy she nannies is dead, she runs. Though she changes her appearance and secures a new identity, she can't seem to escape this particular madness. No matter what she does, or where she goes, she is losing hope and her last grasp on sanity. Someone knows exactly what has happened to Sophie, and why.

This is fantastic writing by an author whose books I anticipate and devour.  It was painful waiting for the release so I could get my hands on it having been turned down for an ARC. My heart was pounding as I turned the pages reading as fast as I could. I loved it! 

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