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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ragdoll by Daniel Cole

Happened upon this title and was hooked by synopsis -- sounds like a debut I don't want to miss.
Lots of hype by big names for this one --

"There is a God. There is a Devil. Demons walk among us."

Debut and first in series featuring Detective William Oliver Layton-Fawkes (nickname: Wolf) and set in London. 

Though I saw the hype when I requested this one, I reserved judgment and went ahead. I didn't find it nearly as compelling and brilliant as blurbed, but it was definitely an interesting thriller with characters that I absolutely detested. Almost all of them were hideous people.  And of course they don't follow any normal rules of police investigative procedure but they rarely get in trouble over it though Wolf spent time in a psych ward for going crazy on a prisoner. Now he's back to work. That said, it was still a good read.

Containing lots of nice grisly and gory details for fans of that nature, the story focuses on Wolf's hunt for the "Ragdoll killer."  A body is found, but wait, it is SEVERAL different people all stitched together. As each is identified, Wolf finds that there is a personal connection. He's even more certain of that when a list of the next to die has his name on it.

It is fast paced and has a lot of potential in series development as the reader will learn more about the characters and why they have so many rough edges.

Thank you to Edelweiss and Ecco Harper Collins for the e-book ARC to review.

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