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Monday, October 6, 2014

Overdose by Glen Apseloff

3.0 out of 5 stars -- Mayhem and mystery...

Dr. Emily Morrison is the director of a clinical research lab that is undertaking a controversial study of a drug that is both contraceptive and possible abortefacient. The Dean of the College of Medicine, and Emily's boss, is less than supportive and not very appreciative of the millions of dollars that Emily's drug trials bring in and has made some decisions about the future of her program that propel Emily to consider a radical change in her plans and work. Personal problems complicate Emily's life as well -- she has just left her unfaithful husband, a cardiovascular surgeon at the hospital connected to the university. When a letter bomb mailed to her office nearly kills her secretary, Janice, Dr. Morrison suddenly finds herself in even more danger after one of the women in the drug study dies after taking the first pill AND Emily herself becomes the target of a killer. Why is all this happening? Seems a lot of people have a reason to want Emily dead.

Too much? Yes indeed -- the perils of Emily Morrison and her amazing ability to outwit the hired killer and escape death at every turn requires an over-the-top amount of suspension of disbelief on the part of the reader. What started out as an interesting thriller with great medical detail, increasingly became more incredulous as Emily puts herself in too many unbelievable scenarios. Of course she doesn't trust the good policeman, Lt. Michael Hammond, and refuses his offer of protection when she's threatened, and sets up her own trap to catch the bad guy. Needless to say, Emily is beyond wonderful in every way. Actually I never liked her character so really ended up not caring what happened to her. The other characters in the book were complete stereotypes and only in supportive roles to show what a superwoman Emily was and what she did over a period of a couple of days. Yeah, unreal. Medical doctor vs Navy SEAL. Who wins? Oh there's even more than that.

Would I read another of this author's books given how much I crave a good medical thriller? I don't know -- I really like the medical detail and the science stuff, so it's possible I might.

Thenk you to NetGalley and the publisher for the e-book to review.

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