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Friday, October 31, 2014

#5 A Nightingale Christmas Wish by Donna Douglas

4.0 out of 5 stars -- It's always a risk to love -- and there are no guarantees. But what a cost if one just walks away, never knowing what could have been...

Although this story had a lot more romance in it than nursing, I still enjoyed it. Set in London at the Nightingale Hospital right before England enters World War II, the student nurses and the Sisters we've grown to know and love in the past 4 books are facing new challenges as big changes loom for them and their beloved hospital. The books really need to be read in order to see the character development over time and to appreciate them fully.

Sister Frannie Wallace, who lost her fiance in WW I, is determine to avoid any romantic entanglements as she works on staging the Christmas show and tries to help a complicated family situation involving a father and his estranged son. Matron Kathleen Fox is dealing with the possible closure of the hospital if it comes to war as she faces a personal health issue of her own. Constance Tremayne, Chairwoman of the hospital board of Trustees and mother to Helen, is still manipulating things and confounding her daughter. Helen Dawson, whose husband died in hospital weeks after their wedding, is transferred from Theatre to Casualty and has to work with the irascible Dr. David McKay. Penny Willard, student nurse, has issues with an abusive boyfriend. Effie O'Hara, another student nurse and one of the O'Hara siblings, falls for a patient who is in thrall to a two-timing ex girlfriend.

Which of the girls will get their Christmas wish this year? Recommended to all who have enjoyed the stories of the Nightingale nurses. 

In order:
The Nightingale Girls (Nightingales)
The Nightingale Sisters (Nightingales)
The Nightingale Nurses (Nightingales)
Nightingales on Call

Thank you to the publisher for a copy of the digital e-book ARC to review.

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