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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Night of a Thousand Stars by Deanna Raybourn

3.0 out of 5 stars Romance and intrigue in 1920s Damascus

Poppy Hammond (March) escapes her wedding with the help of a curate who drives her away to her father's house in Devon. Though she has a reputation of not finishing anything she starts, Poppy yearns for a passion and for adventure. After a few days spent hiding from the scandal that ensued from jilting the groom at the altar, Poppy tries to find the curate and thank him for his help. When she's unable to find him, and learns that he was using a false name, she becomes convinced he's in trouble and is determined to track him down. This unbelievable premise sets the tone for the rest of the story, the fatuous plot and dialog, and the character development.

Readers will find the setting, and some of the characters from a previous book, City of Jasmine, familiar as Poppy travels to Damascus with her lady's maid in search of Sebastian Fox. Danger and intrigue, peril and murder -- the sands of the desert hold secrets and perhaps a hidden treasure.

The best part of the novel is the historical detail and descriptions of the cities and areas that Poppy and Sebastian visit. It's all sort of over-the-top and I just had to suspend my disbelief and go along for the travelogue. I'll continue to read this author's books as they are easy and entertaining.

Thank you to Harlequin and NetGalley for the e-book ARC to review.

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