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Monday, October 6, 2014

Hush by Anne Frasier

3.0 out of 5 stars -- Lunatic killer stalking unwed mothers and their newborn baby boys...

Claudia Reynolds survived the Madonna Killer though he killed her newborn son and has been relocated with a new identity in St. Sebastian, Canada, when she gets a call from Superintendent Abraham Sinclair of the Chicago Police Department. When he asks her to come because "it has started again," Claudia, now known as Ivy Dunlap, knows she must go back and help to catch the man who destroyed her life and killed so many young women and babies. Chief Homicide Detective Max Irving is less than thrilled when Ivy comes to town to aid in the investigation. Though she now has a degree in criminal psychology, since Max does not know her history with the killer, Max is not exactly welcoming and has some personal issues that make him not want to bother with Ivy. His adopted son, Ethan, is 16 and testing the limits of parental control. Max, a single father, has more than enough on his plate as the Madonna killer strikes again and again.

Formulaic to the last shot, this was a fast and entertaining read though there were few surprises but a lot of bloody murders. The psychopath, the typical mother-hater, is twisted in the familiar way and the reader can predict the arc and climax of the story line. The characters will all be familiar to any reader of this genre. Enjoyable diversion for an evening.

Thank you to NetGalley and Belfrey Press for the e-book ARC to review. 

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