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Friday, April 10, 2015

I have a question...

I've read quite a few books that feature protagonists who are police, detectives, investigators, etc. It seems that almost every single one of these characters are quite damaged in some way, tend to be loners, alcoholics, self-mutilators, etc. Most have no spouses (probably a way to leave things open for a romantic angle in the story), but have exes, their kids don't live with them (if they do, there's a mom or a neighbor around to take up the slack), and they have unlimited amount of time and energy to deal with whatever the problem is. They never manage to finish a meal or do those normal household chores, mow the lawn, go to the dentist, etc. The women don't seem to wear makeup or fix their hair, but they're all beautiful and fit. The men drink a lot in bars or at home, and no one ever sleeps.

What I'm wondering, can you give me some titles of books where this type of character does his/her job well, but who has a happy home life, well-adjusted kids, no outside help, and doesn't need psychiatric intervention?

Thanks! I'm going to keep looking for those rare few. Happy reading.

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