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Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Pocket Wife by Susan Crawford

2.0 out of 3 stars -- Deliver me from the unreliable narrator and the stream of consciousness narrative that almost makes me feel unbalanced from reading it.

The main character in this novel is Dana Catrell, a woman with severe bipolar illness that is not being treated because Dana has gone off her meds and taken herself out of therapy. Hmmm. When her next door neighbor, Celia, is found murdered, Dana can't remember what happened or whether or not she murdered the woman. Dana claims she had passed out after enjoying too much sangria with Celia that afternoon at Celia's house. She remembers something about a picture on a cell phone and a fight between them, but then she woke up on her couch at her own house hours later.

In the throes of a manic episode, Dana can't think straight. Her situation is complicated by her suspicions that her husband is unfaithful. She's unhinged and has started to find threatening notes saying she will "pay" for what she's done. The police are investigating the murder, and Dana is interviewed by Detective Jack Moss (who has issues of his own), and Dana becomes a person of interest in the case.

Without giving away the rest of the story, I think most readers will find the climax, the revelations, and the ending predictable and unrealistic. It wasn't the psychological suspense I had hoped for and I felt that much of my time spent in Dana's splintered and confused mind via the writing style was not where I wanted to be. I did not like any of the characters as they were one-dimensional stereotypes. These novels all tend to end in the same way, as did this one. I'm not sure who I'd recommend it to but others who like this style will feel differently about it I'm sure.

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