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Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Bad Nurse by Sheila Johnson

4.0 out of 5 stars -- "The cause of the death had been lethal injection, and the manner of death was homicide."

Interesting and very short true crime novel (192 pages) about the suit against Karri Willoughby, nurse and mother of 2, who is accused of murdering her stepfather in 2008 because of her greed for his money. Despite having thousands of supporters who initially rallied to Karri's defense because of her active Facebook blogging, she stuns everyone by pleading guilty when the case is finally brought to trial in 2012. This is the story of a very manipulative and cunning woman who had lied to everyone in the small community of Ider, Alabama, for years with her purported belief in God and family. Meanwhile she was stealing money from her parents until they put that to a stop by locking her out of their personal and business accounts. Her staggering personal debt and bankruptcy filing showed a history of fiscal irresponsibility and was the motive for the murder.

I read a lot of crime and suspense thrillers, and every once in awhile like to again discover that sometimes the true stories read just like crime fiction. The book includes some photographs, but none of the people involved are pictured. Usually the murders are for love or money and this one proves no exception. I enjoyed it and recommend to any fans of the genre. Criminals are fascinating because often they hide behind a mask of normalcy -- and Karri Willoughby did that very well. Until the monster was ultimately revealed.

Thank you to NetGalley an Kensington Publishing for an e-book ARC of this to review. 

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