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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Drug Wars - Contrails Saga #2 by Robert Anderson

 "More cocaine or more blood? What's it gonna be?"

Pulse-pouding sequel to CONTRAILS...

After FO Sam Claymore's misadventures in Columbia, and being left stranded in the Gulf of Mexico, he's back co-piloting puddle jumper flights for Civil Air. Sam operates in a nearly robotic state after resuming his duties with the airline.
Sam's respite and the resumption of his relationship with flight attendant, Victoria, doesn't last long enough, however, when he's kidnapped and pulled back into a nightmare. Sam has a better attitude about his job, however, after his near-death experience in the lair of the cartel's most wanted drug czar, Pedro Estancia - El Dragon.  It seems that El Dragon has decided that Sam has a large debt to repay him. A ruthless rival organization headed by the bloodthirsty Francisco Cordoba, Los Muertos Vivientes, has its sights on expanding into North America with its drug trafficking and other assorted criminal activities. And El Dragon intends to use Sam, and the resources of the DEA, to stop him.

The action is nonstop and the details of the drug world are, if true, horrifying in scope and truly a force to be feared. Sam is an unlikely hero, and spends way too much time using the merchandise as he and best pal, Nate, try to get their game on without being killed. At times the reader may find it hard to believe that Sam is able to shake himself out of an alcohol or drug-induced stupor long enough to manage all the spectacular feats he pulls off! In any event, the escapades Sam survives bring to mind a vision of a DRUG WAR Rambo. Can Sam and his cohort save North America from the onslaught and bring a semblance of peace to ravaged Mexico, Central America and points beyond?

It's definitely a must to read the first book before opening this one, and to set aside a good block of time as the fast pace grabs hold and never lets go. Suspend your disbelief, reserve judgement on the political statements in the novel regarding legalizing drugs, and enjoy the entertainment value. If there is a book #3, I'll be reading it.

Thank you to NetGalley and Intrepid Press for the e-book ARC to review.

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