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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Poppet (#6) by Mo Hayder

This 6th novel in the thriller series doesn't fail to provide suspense as it takes us even deeper into the character of Detective Jack Caffery.

Someone or something is stalking the patients who reside on the Beechway High Secure mental health unit. After several unexplained deaths that might have been suicide, the residents there are twitchy and the staff often too scared to come into work for the night shifts. AJ LeGrande, newly promoted head nursing coordinator, is worried about them all but especially about a patient, Isaac Handel, who had been held there since he committed a heinous crime as a juvenile. Issac, through the intervention of clinical director Melanie Arrow, has just been released back into the community. Is he behind the strange goings on? A murderer once again at-large with perhaps a vendetta to settle? He has a fetish -- little dolls referred to as "poppets" and a deep interest in voodoo.

Meanwhile, Flea Marley and Jack continue their dance around for a solution to the missing Misty Kitson case from a previous book.

This is nice and dark and delightfully suspenseful as multiple plot lines and points of view converge. I really enjoy this series and any new reader really should read the other previous books before tackling this one!
I'm getting ready to start the next one right away!

Series titles, in order:
The Treatment

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