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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wolf (#7) by Mo Hayder

"I know because you and I? We are the same person."

This is so close to being a full 5 stars for me -- but that is a rating I only give books that live on in my mind long after I've turned the final pages. Wolf may end up being one of those, and if so, I'll adjust that later. This novel is the 7th in the Detective Jack Caffery series and it's a winner!  Do not read this unless you have read the previous 6 books so that you get the full impact of the character of Jack and what all he has gone through to this point.

Super fantastic suspense thriller chiller -- this was so creepy and good that I could not bear to put the book down even to watch the Olympics last evening. I read it cover to cover, sitting down with it after dinner, and then finishing the last few words at nearly midnight.

The narrative is told from alternating points of view and involves several plot lines, some continuing from the beginning of the series as Jack wrestles with his personal demons while also trying to solve what, at first, seems to be the pointless exercise of finding the owners of a little dog that the Walking Man has been entrusted with. Jack only agrees to do this so that the Walking Man will tell him what happened to Jack's brother Ewan who disappeared from his London home when he was just a boy -- taken by a pedophile and never found.

Meanwhile, a wealthy family is battling terror as they are held hostage and tortured in their large secluded hilltop mansion - The Turrets. Oliver and Matilda  Anchor-Ferrers, in their sixties, are spending a holiday in Somerset Mendips, down from their man residence in London, as he is recovering from valve replacement surgery. They've brought their daughter, Lucia, with them as she is back living with her parents after her latest failure in work and relationships. She's completely broken and has been in and out of therapy because of a horrible event that occurred 15 years prior -- the murder of a young couple in the woods nearby. The perpetrator, Minnet Kable, was found, confessed and is behind bars in a secure facility but Lucia will never recover from the trauma -- for the young murdered man had once been her boyfriend. Who are these men that have invaded their home and taken them prisoner -- what do they want?

The writing is fabulous and the reader feels the threat mounting. Trying, in vain, to figure out where this is going and why -- pointed first one way and then another. Impatient to get the answers, but relishing the way the author draws out the emotions as events spiral toward their eventual very perfect conclusion. What a great novel and I highly recommend it to anyone who has been following this series and to any reader wanting a suspense thriller that gives them shivers and just might interfere with a good night's sleep and give a haunting dream or two.

Thank you to NetGalley and Atlantic Grove for the e-book ARC to review.

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