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Friday, January 26, 2018

Dark Game by Rachel Lynch (#1 DI Kelly Porter)

DI Kelly Porter has her hands full in this first book in a new police procedural series where she is working for the Cumbria Constabulary. She'd been reprimanded for being too much of a risk-taker while working in London at the Met and had come back to her childhood home feeling like a failure.

There are, at her initial examination, 3 separate cases. A cold case involving a kidnapped and murdered 10-year old girl that she's asked to reopen. An abandoned baby whose hospitalized mother can't speak a word of English. And a well-known, wealthy civic leader found dead in a bed in a hotel room.

Porter has a lot to prove to her new team and she leads the investigation using the skills she learned from her mentor and partner at the Met -- patience, memory, order and time. The information gleaned by Porter makes her start to believe that the cases are related as the same names keep coming up. What she uncovers through this complex police operation is an illegal prostitution and slavery ring, global money-laundering and murder.

The book is very well-written and moves along quickly. The main character, Kelly Porter, is 36 years old and quite passionate about her work. She's the most fully developed as the story is told mainly from her point of view, but the secondary characters will likely be more fleshed out as the series develops. I'm eager to see what's next for her and the Constabulary team. The only thing that would have been helpful to me is a map -- as I am totally unfamiliar with the area and layout where Porter works! Seems like she had to do A LOT of driving from one place to another and the scenes were nicely described. Something that irritated me, but that is in essentially every book of this genre, is when the female detective goes in alone to a critical situation when she shouldn't and thus requires "rescue" from either a male partner or an entire police department. She should be smarter than that! But then, there wouldn't be the dramatic climax would there?! But it would be more realistic.

Thank you to NetGalley and Canelo Publishers for the e-book ARC to read and review. Definitely can't wait for the second book in this series and recommend it to anyone looking for a strong female protagonist in a police procedural.

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